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Monday, January 19, 2009

We survived!

I thought I would check back in at the end of our 5 day "vacation" and let you all know we are still alive and kickin' (meaning that in more ways than one!) We hit church yesterday and that was the first time I had been outside since Wednesday! We then went out to lunch to Mongolian Barbecue (not a big hit with Logan of course) and then shopping for a new phone. Steve has been bugging me to get a new one for a couple of months so we went shopping. He wanted me to get a Blackberry and I wanted an I-phone or just keep the basic model that I had. After hours of shopping we finally took a look at the I-phone and I convinced him that was the best one! Now the funny part of the story...Landon loves electronic things...computers, phones, TVs, remote controls...if it electronic he is all over it. At the first store the boys picked up these little paper cards that looked like a phone. Landon went around talking into it the whole time and calling it his "phone." It really was just a photo of a Blackberry with all the info on the back. At the next store it got more interesting. Since Steve was the one who needed convinced on the phone choice he spent some time looking at it with the salesman. Landon was there listening to the whole thing. He and the salesman were best friends before we were done. It took forever but eventually the new phone was choicen, programmed and ready to go. I still had my old phone and of course Landon started eyeing it. He asked for it so I gave it to him. I can't believe that we wasted money on gifts for the boys at Christmas! They played with my old phone all night last night and all day today! Of course it doesn't make calls anymore but it still takes photos and has games on it. The funniest thing about it now? Tonight after bath time...Landon kept insisting tha the needed his "I-phone" before bed. Steve thinks that he is confused thinking it is "my"/I phone but I saw the way he was listening yesterday...he knows what an I-phone is and my guess is that he will be the next one around her getting one! That stubborn streak of his works for him and takes him places!!


Princess S said...

You go Landon!!!
I can't wait to see what happend when you go car shopping!!!!

Francesca said...

Ooh! An iPhone! I'm jealous! I am due for a new one and we are waiting for Beni's phone to expire in June and then I may get one. You and Landon will have to teach me how to use it!