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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary!

I have to force Steve to read my blog (maybe a good thing) so he probably won't see this but "Happy Anniversary" in case he does. Don't worry I got him a Hallmark card in case he doesn't see it! No big plans today. Lawson has pnenomia and we have no sitter lined up. What could be better than a January night spent at home with your kids anyway? Well...Maui maybe. When we got married we promised to go back to Maui every 5 years to celebrate. I know we both really believed it when we said it but 4 kids in 14 months really gets in the way of a lot of plans. Having 4 kids (especially triplets) never entered our minds 9 years ago either. Regardless...here we are and Hawaai will have to wait. Technically we have only missed one trip... Maybe next year right?


Princess S said...

Happy Anniversary Friend!!! Maui sounds good right about now.....I like the cold but this surpasses even my tolerance!!!