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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey 4 eyes!!!

I remember when I got glasses in 4th grade I hated how they looked! I hated those things (except loved finally being able to see!!) for years until in 11th grade I finally got contacts. When 3 of the boys were diagnosed with a need for glasses I was dissapointed although not surprised. THey have mainly been troopers and have had them for about 1 1/2 years now. They do look sweet in them although I still wish they didnt' need them. It isn't easy to keep track of and maintain 3 pairs. Well...yesterday we added another person in our family to wear glasses...Landon. Now if you are thinking that Landon is my favorite or anything because he gets more blog time than anyone else ...he isn't (none are!!) but he gives me A LOT of material!! We went for a glass adjustment yesteday and as we were finishing up Landon became pretty distressed. "WHAT ABOUT ME!!??" He really wanted glasses. We have gone through this every time but usually a quick pair of sunglasses suffice and we are on our way. Not yesterday!! We had a really nice lady who took pity on him and offered to sell us a non-prescription pair to satisfy him. We had thought of this before but they tried to charge us the full price. This lady just did frames only. He is in love. He insisted on wearing them to school today and when I picked him up I asked if he really wore them. YEP! ALL DAY LONG they reported! Go figure... I spent 7 years trying to get out of them and he has spent over a year begging to get them and he doesn't even need them! Here he is...what do you think?


Princess S said...

Landon you look Marvelous!!!!