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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historical Day through the eyes of a little kid...

We got up this morning and I told the boys that today is a very important day and that it is inaguration day. They were very curious and had lots of questions. First they wanted to know what an inaguration is. The best description that I could come up with on their level was that is a ceremony kind of like a wedding marrying the president to the country. That seemed to suffice for now. Then the questions started like how many stars the flag has...why do we have to wear red, white, and blue today? The questions go on and on. They were excited that he is coming to the Whitehouse from Illinois. My favorite though was when Logan said "If my dad were president he would make the whole country clean up!!" Then he said that he would vote for me for president and I asked him what I am good at and he said..."MEETINGS!!" I am not really sure what to think of that! I do know that I'm glad it is over because I'm tired of the boys fighting over how to pronounce Barack Obama and I would selfishly like more channels of tv for them to watch!


Princess S said...

God Bless America!!! It sounds like you conducted a very informational meeting yourself!!!