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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where's the fire?! Halloween 2006

This is one of my favorite Halloween pictures of the boys. This is Halloween 2006.The costumes were warm (and reusable..they were real raincoats!!, the wagon fun to create, and they seemed to have fun and got lots of candy which is the point right?


Sugar Mommy said...

I LOVE THIS!!! May we borrow this idea next year?
How did you make the decor for the choo choo wagon?

Mishelle said...

I used diaper boxes that I custom fit to each wagon and then for the hose I used a pool noodle. The headlights were just plastic flashing lights that I got at a CVS and the top light was the same light set under a red plastic cup by First Years (those disposable type you find at Target) Email me if you need more directions.