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Friday, October 17, 2008

The enthusiastic writer...

Lake is loving school. He is the first one ready in the morning and he never complains about going! Somedays he is even waiting in the car when I finally get everyone else out there. Lake seems to love writing in school. He comes home and draws and writes for hours. Last week he decided to label everything in the house. The kindergarten classrooms have everything labeled to help kids learn to read so Lake has decided it would serve some purpose here also...he can read well but his spelling is still a work in progress:


Kelly said...

That is very cute and that is awesome that Lake likes school so much. But, you have to tell me what that is a picture of. I've gathered it is some sort of handle by what Lake wrote, but what is it???

Mishelle said...

It is a photo of the faucet (that he has marred up with all his note-taping!!) The note says "Wash Hands"...can you see the school influence on that one?! lol