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Monday, October 27, 2008

Do you think it bounces?

First let me start that Landon loves basketballs. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up ...he wants to be a basketball player. He likes to watch them go into the hoop. He likes to sit on them and roll around and even just likes to hold them. He also loves to throw them really hard at the ground and see them bounce up. Well...not all basketballs bounce. Last Saturday we all went to Hobby lobby to look for a lamp. Again...taking 4 boys along to Hobby Lobby wouldn't be my first choice but Steve wanted to go for some reason... (possibly not wanting to be left home alone with 4 little boys while I went off shopping?!) we arrived and off Steve went with three of the boys and Landon followed me over to the "sports" themed section. He immediately went to a resin basketball bank and grabbed it and threw it with all of his might onto the floor to see the "bounce." Well...unfortuately it was made of resin and not of rubber...the look on his face was priceless...it was a mix of confusion that the ball didn't bounce and a look of horror to see what my reaction was going to be with the pile of debris laying in front of us? Well...hopefully I passed the test. I didn't wig out since I knew that he really thought it was just a real basketball for bouncing. I tried to use it as a lesson and we went to find someone to help us clean it up and offer to pay for it. We ended up with a really nice manager who cleaned up the pieces and was actually more concerned that Landon was hurt (he wasn't.) We didn't have to pay for it (well...I was buying 4 banks anyway so I think they knew they were already getting their money's worth out of me!) Landon said "Uh oh...I'm sorry" and we were quickly forgiven. Now when he sees a basketball he mentions Hobby Lobby and tells me "It didn't bounce!"