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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It was a busy day at our house. I was room mom for the first grade Halloween party and of course had to stop by each of the other boys parties to say hi. The school has an annual Halloween parade with all of the kids in their costumes which is really cute. All the kids line up with their class and parade around the outside of the building for the parents to see. Apparently no one in our neighborhood is employed because it is standing room only! I will post those pictures when I have more time. After school we picked up Happy Meals and came home to get ready to trick or treat. As you can see we got tons of candy (and this picture is just the banned nut stuff!!!) We went out around 5 and came home around 7. We would have done the last half hour but Lake insisted that "We have ENOUGH candy now!!" I hope to hold that over his head at some later date! Everyone was exhausted from a big day and a lot of sugar. Usually we pile all 4 bags into one big pile in the middle of the floor but just as me picking the costumes has been banned...this was a fight too. The boys insisted on keeping their own pile separated. I should have known this was coming because we stopped at home midpoint to empty the bags (a conscientious mom probably would have called it a night and that was enough...but....)and they were all concerned how i was piling it! I guess that they are really growing up!