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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Last weekend we ventured out to our favorite pumpkin patch/apple orchard called Jonamac. We have been going for the last few years and the boys really look forward to it. This year we went a little earlier than usual and there were actually pumpkins left! Of course being the bargain hunter that I am...I already had a porch full so we were good on that either way! We had a great day and fit in a lot of activities. The boys have definate likes and dislikes so we split up for awhile. We did a petting zoo, rode ponies, rode the apple train, played in the hay maze, raced ducks in a water trough, crawled through tunnels, played on the slides, picked apples, searched for pumpkins, did the apple slingshot, and much more. Here are some photos from the day!