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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our pool party.....!!??

As you know the "big" party is on Saturday. Logan is practically floating on air and the list of people attending is growing. Today the phone rang and I answered it and a lady identifies herself as the mother of a kid in Logan's class. She tells me that her son has a cough and the sniffles so he won't be able to come to the party on Saturday. "Ok"...(thinking well today is only Tuesday but whatever....) I said and then she continued that she didn't think getting in and out of the pool would be good for his cold! What?! I said our party isn't in a pool!! I guess we had a cultural misinterpretation (the mother spoke with an accent) of what type of party this is going to be. Apparently Spongebob is not a show in her native country or I'm not as clever as I thought! "But the invitaion said..." I gently told her that I don't take my own 4 kids in a pool and I certainly don't want to take more than half of the kindergarten class into one! What do YOU think the invitation is saying..? It will be interesting to see if the poor kid gets to come!


Laura said...

Well, it was on blue paper! The party sounds like lots of fun! Did you make the invitations yourself??