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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My little gourmet eaters....

There has been a big sale on Sara Lee Whole Grain Soft and Smooth Bread, Hillshire Turkey Breast, Hillshire Ham and a few other products this week so my refrigerator is overflowing with the makings of a deli! Typically the boys will not touch white bread and only Landon and Lawson will eat sandwiches with shaved meat. Lake will eat saltine crackers with turkey breast and "white ketchup" (that is Lake-speak for Ranch dressing or miracle whip!) Logan is purely a Peanut Butter (sunflower nutbutter actually since he is allergic to nuts) and jelly sandwich guy and the bread MUST be honeywheat with seeds only sold at Jewel. Today at lunch time Lawson requested a sandwich made to his specifications as usual...Turkey with that white stuff on the new white bread. Ok... Landon just wanted bread (the white bread also!!) Then comes Lake!! "Momma...I want bread with turkey and no white ketchup and I want cheese and salad on it too!" I didn't really think that he knew what he was talking about but this kid stood there and watched and directed me making his sandwich! He actually ate a Turkey sandwich with a slice of cheese and lettuce!! I dont' know where he learned about the "salad" on his sandwich because I've never made that here before and noone has ever wanted cheese on a sandwich beyond a cheeseburger or a grilled cheese. I'm guessing that he learned about it at school....what an education he is getting! These kids never cease to amaze me. I hope that they still like these choices again tomorrow because it looks like we could have another snow day with another 12 inches expected and I won't be going to the store!


Laura said...

If you could just convince them to eat what you can get for free...:-D
At least there isn't a snow day! We don't even have snow!