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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Book/Art Project & The Important Bag

Every day Logan looks forward to going to the library at school and choosing a book to bring home. Usually it is a very detailed scientific book about fish, bugs, or dinosaurs. Definately not light reading. He likes to tell me each day as he gets in the car whether he brought home a fiction or non-fiction book. I can't believe that he even knows what that is. When we read each night he makes sure to ask who the illustrator and author is too! Last week one of the books he chose was about bugs but with a twist. Each left side page told about a bug and then the opposing page had a craft/art project to coordinate with it. As you can imagine he wanted to start a project right away. I somehow managed to put him off for a day but Sunday he was ready to go...We went through each page and finally chose a project. I went and bought the supplies and we created a bug race board game. Above is a picture of Logan doing the painting. It really is a cute game even though it took a good part of the day on Sunday. The most satisfying thing about it though was it was Logan's turn to take the "Important Bag" to school and that is what he chose to take. He had to give 3 hints so the other kids could guess what was in the bag. He came up with them all by himself and they were quite good. 1. It is fun. 2. It starts with a g. 3. It's colorful. Then he had to explain why the game was important and he said "Because my mom and I made it together!" He is such a sweet boy!