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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who needs Guitar Hero when you have Wii Boxes?

The boys love, love, love the Superbowl. Why they like it may surprise you though. Is it the sport of football? Is it the food? Maybe the commercials? Nope...it's the half time show. Last year they got hooked with the halftime show with Prince and this year they love Bruce Springsteen! Here they are rockin' out complete with their box instruments. I guess it is time to make Steve unpack the Wii Rockband that he got for Christmas. It looks kind of pathetic to make the kids pretend wtih cardboard boxes!


Princess S said...

Rock on Boys!!!!! Do they have a name for their band???

Mishelle said...

I will have to ask them! I hope it isn't anything like Lake's dog which they named Mac Hawkeye Hulk Bisquit Williams. Catchy huh?!

missy said...

oh that is funny....catchy...and an easy one to remeber!!!!!!
they are just sooooooo darn cute....and very creative!!!!