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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock O'Bama and George Washington

I am amazed by the things my kids learn at school. They seem way ahead of what I was learning in small Iowa schools back in the day. The other night the boys had all gone to bed except for Landon who decided to watch the Presidential address with me in my bed. The man announced "THE PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES" and Landon turned to me and said "Where is George Washington?" I explained that George is dead and won't be attending and now Barack Obama is president. He said "Oh..Rock O'Bama? I said "Yep!" He then sat back and watched. Well...not bad for a kid who is 5. We went out for lunch on Sunday and celebrated George's birthday so I guess he wasn't too far off!


Princess S said...

They do have being firsts in common!!!!