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Friday, February 27, 2009


Since we have 4 kids I typically think that we don't need playdates. I kind of figure that since my kids are roughly the same age they can play with each other and I can get some stuff done. Yesterday was the exception. We needed some computer work done so my friend Dina sent her computer expert husband over. I told her to bring her son since he and Landon are in the same class at school and are friends. I have never seen the boys have so much fun! They played Wii for 2 hours. The funny part was when Carter went home he told his mom that "They have the coolest stuff...when can I go back?!" Ironically they never looked at, picked up, or talked about any other thing that the Star Wars Wii game which he already has at home. It had to be the boy factor....Hey Dina...maybe you need to add to your brood?!


missy said...

hey...thanks for stopping by!!!!!
love your shamrocks!!!!!!

Princess S said...

The more the merrier I say!!!!