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Monday, July 27, 2009


Maybe he was tired of Lawson's whining and drama and thought he would try to outdo him in the pain category or maybe he wanted a new weapon to use on his brothers...regardless of his reasons...Logan is the newest patient at our house! Friday night he was out playing soccer in the backyard with Lake when Steve came home and turned it into a game of dodgeball. Logan went into the playhouse on the swingset for cover and when the ball sailed through and out the back he dove to get it and jumped from the top and braced himself when he hit the ground. New fracture on the same arm he broke in 2005. Of course this is also the same arm he is used to doing everything on earth with! He was so brave and didn't really cry...just lots of Ouch! Ouch! A few tears escaped but that was more from dissapointment that we wouldn't be going to grandma and grandpa's house as planned. He had the whole trip already planned out with swimming, mini golf, and a playdate at the park. He was already saying this on the drive to the hospital. Luckily this break didn't require surgery. Last time we had to send him in twice which was horrible. They set it (IN A WHITE CAST!!) and we were home at midnight. He goes back this Friday and hopefully they will get a smaller cast and differnt color because there is no way I can keep that clean enough to send him to school. The pain is geting less with each day although his frustration is mounting. He feels enough better that he wants to do things and is finding it difficult with one hand. I helped him play Star Wars Wii on Saturday morning and althought I was doing my best....it wasn't quite good enough. He was a good sport and didn't yell at me when I couldn't make the characters move around like he can normally but I suck! My skill level (or lack thereof) did make him laugh.... he would tell me to push A on my half of the controller and I would have to be reminded where A is! He would say push AA and I would be clueless. I think I need to hire a tutor. Since he had already figured out a way to play less than 12 hours from his injury (having to have me hold one control) I think that he will find a way to play Wii before his cast comes off.


Princess S said...

Oh My Goodness poor Logan!!! Being the Dodgeball King can be dangerous!!!