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Sunday, July 26, 2009


It was finally time to get the last Williams boy into the hospital to get the tonsils out. From the beginning Lawson was a "wait and see" kid. Dr. Donzelli our favorite ENT said that they were borderline in needing to come out so we would see if over time he would not need them. That sounded pretty good to us considering Lawson makes the least likley candidate for patient of the year. He has a tendency to over dramatize pretty much everything. But with 3 or 4 cases of strep last winter and lots of loud breathing...we decided it was time to get them out before he got any older and the surgery would become more risky. He didn't dissapoint! The week up to and even the day of the kid wasn't nervous at all. He sailed through the pre-surgery check-up and even the early morning check-in at the hospital. It was all easy up until the dreaded hospital gown! He refused no matter what I promised or threatened him with. I offered him $1 to put it on and the frustrated nurse even offered to match it! Eventually the nurse offered him the treasure box and I pulled his clothes off by force (oh and and they let him wear his Crocs into surgery) and that seemed to do the trick. I think he was just finally at the nervous point and needed some control. Poor kid. He went into surgery without much hesitation but woke up in tears. He did quit crying as soon as I held him and I was hoping we were home free. Not that easy. After a popcicle we got realeased and made the trip home. His brothers were soooo happy to see him and they all hugged on the stairs. I was afraid we were due for another trip back to the hospital during that one with my half drugged patient but he survived the love. Fast forward to night...decent...woke every few hours. Not so bad for just having surgery. Next day needed some extra attention but then it started escalating in the drama. You really would have thought they cut an arm or leg off. Maybe it was because he was older than the other boys when he had this done or maybe it was becuuse he had some sinus procedure done at the same time...I'm just not sure but he took much longer to recover and with a lot more drama!! Finally Friday evening Logan took over the injured spot and Lawson has been fine ever since. It's a good thing because I was truly out of sympathy!! Here is my little patient!


Princess S said...

Poor kid.....at least he got the Popsicles and some brotherly loving!!!