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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taking a look back...

I was browsing some picture files to day and ran across Logan's first day at preschool picture. He hated preschool up until the little boys started attending too and it was so sad. He would go and everyday before he would leave he would say in a sad tiny voice "I'm going to miss you today mamma." Then he would go and he never did fight going ....it was like he was going off to do his duty like a little soldier. Then he would come home and the first thing he would say is "Mamma...I missed you today..." This went on the whole time up until May 4th 2006 when the other three started. He still complains about school occasionally...he just can't figure out why it has to last all day. He thinks it is cutting into his play time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A month down...

Well...tomorrow the boys will have been in school one month and you may be wondering what I have been doing with my free time? Well...I'm not really sure! I know that between PTA committee meetings, dentist appointments, sick kids, church growth groups, meetings with plumbers (twice for a problem toilet!!) appraisers etc...I haven't gotten a thing accomplished. I have had a little bit of fun (twice had lunch with a friend) but other than that...nothing really remarkable has happened! I thought I would have wiped out many projects by now. What happens to my 6 hours every day? I come home and clean the house and it actually stays that way until 4 pm! I do have to say that last week was the first week that was a full week. We had a short day the first day (pictures to eventually come) and then Labor Day and then a teacher work day! Can you believe all of that in the first month? The boys are adjusting and seem to really like school most days. Logan did ask me today why he keeps having to go because it "ruins all of my fun!" Landon is in love with Ms. Louis. He talks about her constantly and I have to drag him home after school. He keeps wanting to bring her home with us! He even asks to call her before he goes to bed. It does give me ammunition when I want him to do something...I just say "Wouldn't Ms. Louis want you to do that?" Usually works 99% of the time! Lawson loves school and is no trouble at all. He had some breathing issues yesterday so he sat out of gym...he thought that was the greatest thing because he got to get books from the library and read instead. Seems a little early to dislike gym already! They have gym 4 days a week...eek! Lake is a charmer and the perfect student. He is always ready to go in the morning and loves to come home and show me his work for the day! All in all things are going well and we are getting into a comfortable routine.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Homework times 3!

Tonight was our first official homework. The triplets had to cut out things from newspapers and magazines of words or logos that they recognize. It was a lesson in trying to teach the kids that they could already read and give them the confidence to start learning to reading. Well fortunately or unfortunately these 3 already know how to read. I can't really take credit for it because they were pretty much self taught. I will say that I put the Leapfrog DVD's in the player but other than that they did it on their own. Well..it got me in a little deeper than I wanted tonight because they kept skimming the ads and each one of them kept trying to cut out the BUDLIGHT Beer photo's out to paste on! I told them we couldnt' use that for school and they asked "Why?....we read it!" Hmmm...we don't even have Budlight in the house but they CAN really read! See what being a little ahead does for you?! I think I'm going to have grey hair soon at the rate this homework stuff is going!

Green, Yellow, Red Lights....

Apparently Logan's 1st grade teacher is using the Traffic light system to control behaviour. Tonight as I was tucking him in he said..."Mom...if you get a yellow light Mrs. Erwin won't call your mom but if you get two she will!" I asked him by chance if he had gotten a yellow today and of course he didn't ( he is SUCH a rule follower and very quiet at school) but he said that someone did. I got a kick out of it. I asked him that if he got one would he tell me? He said no...and then asked if I would be mad at him. I told him I would be sad (he is just like I was when I was his age...never wanting to disappoint my mom! That look on her face was a much bigger deterrent than any spanking could be!) Here is to hoping for no yellow lights in our future!