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Sunday, November 2, 2008


For the last 6 years we have bought pumpkins but really never get around to carving them. Fast forward to this year and the boys begged daily to see if today was the day that we would carve the pumpkins...I finally caved and we brought in the pumpkins. Of course the boys aren't capable of using knives to carve the pumpkins yet but were capable of cleaning them out of seeds. Who do you think cleaned out the pumpkins? Lake and Lawson did a decent job but Logan lasted about 30 seconds and then needed gloves. Landon liked looking but wasn't really very interested in scooping out pumpkin guts either! There was lots of boy humor joking about the "guts" and pumpkin "poop!" They did chose the carving that they wanted me to do...it was an all evening job. Can they do it on there own next time? Maybe next year right?